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G1 Entry Fee per Team: $150.00  

G2. Deadline for fee payment:  May 31, 2019

Payment is due to Calgary Interclub Tennis by May 31st and there is a late fee of $25 after that date. Some teams will collect additional monies from players if needed to subsidize food and refreshments.

G3. Player Agreement: All players participating in the Calgary Interclub League, as a condition of their participation, agree to abide and be bound by the League Regulations in this document, the “Rules of the Court” from Tennis Canada, which includes “The Code” for Unofficiated Matches, and adhere to the standards of good conduct, fair play and sportsmanship.

G4. Waiver of Claims: Players participating in the Calgary Interclub League acknowledge the risks associated with playing competitive tennis, accept those risks voluntarily, and in consideration of their acceptance in the League, assume all risks for bodily injury, waive all claims for injury and property damage and release and hold harmless the Calgary Interclub League Administrator, Club Representatives and Captains, and the host facility, their officials, employees and agents with respect to any injury or loss caused by negligence or otherwise to the fullest extent of the law.

G5. Club Representatives: Each club participating in the League is to have one representative to send to Calgary Interclub League meetings, chaired by a non-voting League Administrator. Each Club Rep has the power of one vote on any issues needing addressed, with majority vote rule and the Chairperson to vote if tied. Club reps are to make sure that captains and all team members obtain both the schedule and league rules. Any issues from clubs should be directed to Club Reps.

G6. The League Administrator, subject to review by 2 Club Representatives not involved in the issue, may enact penalties against the clubs, captains, and individuals arising out of the behavior and noncompliance with the rules both on and off the court. These penalties may include, but are not limited to, suspension of playing privileges, disqualification of teams, alternative placement in standings and/or denial of promotion to higher levels.


T1. Team levels are the following: 3.04.0, and 5.0

T2. Teams consist of a captain and at least 4 women/4men players (captain is included if playing) and must be signed up and paid for by May 31st. A maximum of 12 women/12 men may be listed as players (i.e. ‘the roster”) by June 30th. Players must play at least 3 evening sessions (matches) to qualify for playoffs.

T3Players must be full members of the club they are representing, and only play for one club. Players must be 18 years of age or older and not playing as a junior or full-time pro.

T4. Players whose level is in question must have their level verified by a club pro. Part-time club pros must play at their appropriate level.

T5. Substitute players must be included in the interclub roster or used from a lower level roster of the same club. A lower level rostered player may substitute in regular league play at a higher level a maximum of three times (for example, a 4.0 player may sub up to the 5.0 level). No players can sub down. 

T63.0 Substitute players must be used from their roster (highly advised to fill 12 women/12 men spots with players and subs) or ask approval from opposing team captain if situation arises that may cause default.

T7. A substitute player who plays up a level more than three times may not take part in any playoff matches for their regular team or higher-level team. This paragraph shall not apply in exceptional circumstances, where to enforce it would cause a team to suffer an undue adverse effect, for example by having to default on certain sets in the play-offs. 

T8. The team that is in first place after the regular season concludes in 3.0 and 4.0 will be moved up a division in the following season.


M1 In the 3.0, and 4.0 divisions, matches consist of eight sets to six games with a 7-point tie breaker (first to 7 points or win by two). Each club must provide a minimum of two courts for the match, more if available and approved by the club manager. Schedules will indicate match start times for each host club. Default scoring including full ad scoring for 3.0 and 4.0 - any set is 6-0 and any full match is 48-0. In the 5.0 division, matches will be best 2 out of 3 sets to six games, starting at 2-2, with a 7-point tie breaker (first to 7 points or win by two). If the two sets are split, the third set is a 7-point tie breaker (first to 7 points or win by two). Full ad scoring is also used in 5.0.

M2. Sets: In the 3.0, and 4.0 divisions, teams play two separate sets of ladies’ singles, two separate sets of men’s singles, one set ladies’ doubles, one set men’s doubles and two separate sets of mixed doubles. One player may not play more than one singles set per match. Mixed must be played by two different teams and one player may not play both mixed sets. In the 5.0 division, teams play best 2 out of 3 sets of each ladies' singles, men's singles, ladies doubles, men's doubles, and two seperate sets of mixed doubles.

M3.  Start time: Match sets will start promptly at 6:30 p.m. unless deemed otherwise in the schedule. When it is known that the start may be delayed, the captain will endeavour to inform the other captain of that fact. Default may be called at the discretion of the waiting captain if player(s) are unable to make timeline by fifteen minutes.

M4. Warm up: Any time for warm up should be done prior to 6:30, and both teams should have equal access to courts. Start time for all other sets will be deemed to be 5 minutes after the previous set. Both captains should strive to get sets started on time and keep them moving along.

M5Hosting: a) Host team will decide order of play – doubles should be started first if possible, especially in rain situations. Host teams are to provide two courts and two new cans of balls for the matches. If possible, host teams are to provide three courts however this is solely up to the discretion of the host club. The host team shall provide snacks and refreshments, with a place to consume them, and should have most of its members remain after the match to enhance the social aspect of the exchange.

b) Because visiting teams are guests of the home club, home club rules apply, and all players must conform to these rules. The home club will retain the right to refuse playing privileges to those players not abiding by their rules. These rules may include court demeaner as well as dress codes including the type of shoes one may wear.

c) Coaching while a set is played is not allowed. Teammates, spectators or coaches may not volunteer advice on line-calls, scoring or on the conduct of the match. It is the home team’s responsibility to control the spectators’ conduct during match play.

d) If, for any unforeseen circumstance, the home team is unable to provide courts for a scheduled match, the visiting team has the first option of providing its courts. If the visiting team does not elect to provide its home courts, the responsibility reverts to the home team which must provide courts elsewhere.

M6. Line-up: Each team will have a captain or acting captain to oversee the line-up and to ensure there is a full team ready to play (at least 3 women and 3 men for 3.0, and 4.0, and 3 women and 3 men for 5.0).  Each player can play 2 sets maximum per match (evening) and if there are not enough players, sets are to be defaulted (to be determined by offending captain). Opposing captains are to exchange line-ups simultaneously prior to the start of play. Changes are not to be made after the line-ups have been traded unless by mutual consent of captains. 

M7. Ranks: Team captains are to abide by the principle that the best players play against the best players to ensure more competitive, more enjoyable and fairer competition. The League Administrator will have the authority to determine if players have been deliberately played in a lower position than they would normally play, and if deemed appropriate, to forfeit that set.

*Mismatches may occur due to the lack of availability of players at start time, as matches to be started promptly with players that are there. Captain present to designate matchups if opposing captain/acting captain with line-up not available at start time.

M8. Recording scores: Scores of each match must be recorded on provided scoresheets and both captains, or team representatives, must sign the sheet. Scores to be reported by winning captain in two days’ time, and hard copies to be kept for future reference.

M9: Inclement Weather: a) If teams have assembled to play and the match is delayed or interrupted by rain or wet courts, the length of time teams wait for dry courts will depend on a consensus of both team captains. It the event of a disagreement, the home captain’s decision will prevail.

b) In the event of rain, once line-up is exchanged, any sets finished will stand as played. Incomplete sets must be resumed by the same players, at the exact game and point as they stood when halted. The set(s) should be played at the same club location (unless agreed otherwise by both captains). Sets that have not started must use the line-up that was exchanged. The make-up set(s) must be played in two weeks’ time, or default is in order. The make up match should be ideally played on one date, but individual sets may have to be played on separate nights due to players' schedules.

c) If sets are not started and line-ups are not exchanged, teams have two weeks to set up a date for the match at the home club or courts arranged by the home team, unless rain occurs again. Unexchanged line-ups may be changed to accommodate people who can play at the make-up time. 

d) If there are situations than cannot be resolved by the team captains amicably, the club reps should be contacted, and the League Administrator may be contacted for resolution.


SP1. Scoring: a) Points are determined by sets won (one point per set). In the 3.0, and 4.0 divisions, there are eight points per match, and the team with the most points wins the match and earns two points for the win. In the 5.0 division, there are 6 points per match, and the team with the most points wins the match and earns two points for the win.

b) In the 3.0, and 4.0 divisions, if there is a tie at 4 sets all, the teams each earn 1 point for the match score, plus the team with overall more games won, earns an extra point (3 points total). If games are tied also, scores will remain 1 point each. In the 5.0 division, if there is a tie at 3 sets all, the teams each earn 1 point for the match score, plus the team with overall more games won, earns an extra point (3 points total). If games are tied also, scores will remain 1 point each.

SP2. Playoffs: The four teams with the highest number of points will move on to the playoff round. If teams are tied, sets won are counted, and if sets are tied, games are counted. If still tied, head to head scores will determine which team advances to playoffs.

SP3.  Players must play in at least 3 matches (evening sessions) to be qualified to play for teams in the playoffs (semifinals and finals).

SP4. In the semi-finals, the first-place team will play the fourth-place team and the second-place team will play the third-place team. First and second place teams shall have home court advantage. 

SP5. 1 vs. 2 after semi-finals and 3 vs. 4 will be played at designated venues for finals. Other ranked teams 5 vs. 6, etc. can voluntarily be set up by captains and played at different venues if desired.


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